Altered Inheritance

With the advent of CRISPR gene-editing technology, designer babies have become a reality. Scientists alone cannot decide the terms of this new era in human evolution. Members of the public, with diverse interests and perspectives, must have a role in determining our future as a species.

Bioethics in Action

Speaking from and to the growing movement among academics to become involved with ‘socially-engaged’ work, this volume presents first-person case studies of attempts to fix serious ethical problems in medical practice and research.

Clinical Research Involving Pregnant Women

This book discusses ‘how’ to respectfully and responsibly include pregnant women in clinical research. It supports the shift to a new default position, whereby pregnant women are included in clinical research unless researchers argue convincingly for their exclusion.

Family Making

This volume explores the ethics of making or expanding families through adoption or technologically assisted reproduction. For many people, these methods are separate and distinct: they can choose adoption or assisted reproduction. But for others, these options blend together.