Impact ethics


Richard Baylis, 93, was courageous in a quiet gentle way

Françoise Baylis | February 21, 2021

Richard was a good man. He had a good life. From his perspective, his greatest accomplishment was his children. With considerable pride, he would say, “I have three doctors and a millionaire.” (Françoise and Peter have PhDs, Penny has an MD and Frank is a successful businessman.) After Frank was elected a member of Parliament, in 2015, he changed this to, “I have three doctors and … [with a wide grin and a mischievous glint in his eye] a politician.”

Cell research and consent

Françoise Baylis | April 28, 2017

Holly Fernandez Lynch and Steven Joffe insist that asking patients to consent to research using their cells is wrongheaded, an unnecessary “costly, bureaucratic headache.” They maintain that scientists should be able to collect and use discarded biospecimens without obtaining informed consent. They are wrong.

Recherche sur l’embryon : faut-il aller au-delà des 14 jours ?

Françoise Baylis | May 6, 2016

Deux équipes britannique et américaine sont parvenues à cultiver in vitro des embryons humains jusqu’à 14 jours. La philosophe Françoise Baylis s’interroge sur l’opportunité d’autoriser les chercheurs à repousser cette limite.