Public health vs. high-tech emotional rollercoasters

Megan Hustad | October 17, 2020

That’s really where it starts: looking at foundational questions about whether the human embryo should be available as a research subject. And it seems to me that we’re no closer to a consensus on this question now than we were back then.

BETWEEN GENERATIONS: Freezing eggs: panacea or Pandora’s box?

Jill Ellsworth & Karalee Clerk | March 5, 2019

What’s often downplayed is the process. Women’s ovaries are stimulated over a period of time through a series of hormone injections, and retrieval also carries risk. All have side effects, and frankly, there’s little research to help women better understand what they’re trading off, in terms of their own health.

Baylis: Paying for egg donations enters dicey territory

Françoise Baylis | June 3, 2018

Considering the facts – advocating payment for women’s eggs undermines Health Canada’s commitment to draft the regulations on reimbursement and potentially introduces the risks of exploitation and subtle coercion.

Baylis: Why paying for sperm won't solve our problems

Françoise Baylis | May 28, 2018

Considering the facts – paying men for their sperm is unlikely to increase the number of sperm banks in Canada, improve product safety or solve the problem of donor anonymity.

Argument of paying for surrogacy, sperm and eggs based on misinformation

Alana Cattapan & Françoise Baylis |  May 1, 2018

What Canada needs is improved federal intervention to ensure that assisted reproduction is well-regulated, and that the care of surrogates and others is not left to the open market.

The trouble with paying for sperm

Alana Cattapan & Françoise Baylis | April 9, 2016

Sperm donation is a family-making activity that comes with serious commitments. This is not about occasional labour and spare cash. So, while it’s true that some men could be encouraged to donate sperm if the price was right, removing the legal prohibition on payment will not meaningfully change the so-called shortage in Canadian sperm.